Lorenzo studied music at Dartington College of Arts and holds a Master’s in Sonic Art from The University of Sheffield where he is currently a PhD candidate in the Music Department. In his research project Melting Buildings he creates sound works using the built environment and drawing in particular on the ecologies, events and temporalities of architecture. Since 2019 he has been focusing on Sheffield’s modernist Arts Tower and Western Bank Library as sites for his work, which spans from mixed media installations to electroacoustic compositions, live performances and workshops.

As a gigging musician, Lorenzo plays sax and electronics in The Evil Usses and Ichigo Evil, and regularly collaborates with other artists and formations. He is currently based in Birmingham where he is part of the artist-led space Artefact Stirchley and co-hosts activities such as Artefact’s Improv Society Issimo!

lprati1 [at] gmail [dot] com

IG @lopratirenzo
Twitter @LorenzoPrati_

Performances and exhibitions

> Sounds of the Stacks (installation) — Western Bank Library, Sheffield, 17-31/07/2023
> The Single Plastics (performance with Mark Dennis, Michael Lightborne and James Mcilwrath) — A field in Stirchley, Birmingham, 07/07/2023
> Maybe that’s where it all comes from (installation) — SSOA Architecture Exhibition, Sheffield, 16/06/2023
> Live improvisation with Arts Tower scale model (performance) — Sound Junction, Sheffield, 31/03/2023
> Music for the Arts Tower with Platform4 (performace) — Arts Tower, Sheffield, 17/03/2023
> Melting Buildings (installation) — Sound Junction, Sheffield, 10/12/2022
> Melting Buildings (workshop) — NME Rush Hour Concert, Sheffield, 22,24/11/2022
> The Situationist Polutope (workshop) — Xenakis22 Centenary International Symposium, Athens 24-29/05/2022
> Legnaia — A Field in Stirchley, Birmingham 22/10/2021
> Acqua Calda — Sound Junction, Sheffield, 23/11/2019
> Acqua Calda — Steal: Away: Home, Sheffield, 17/07/2019
> Night Shift — University of Sheffield’s Architecture Exhibition, Sheffield Arts Tower, 14/06/2019
> Con Sfiato — Wigflex City Festival, Nottingham, 05/05/2019
> Con Sfiato — Sound Junction, Sheffield, 26/04/2019
> Frida’s Ashes — Wickham Theatre, Bristol, 02/02/2019
> Clifton Suspension Bridge Harp — New Scientist Live, London, 20-23/09/2018
> Clifton Suspension Bridge Harp — Jean Golding Institute Showcase, Bristol, 03/07/2018
> Microcosm — CeNMaS Launch Concert, Sheffield, 26/04/2018
> Clifton Suspension Bridge Harp — EPSRC Science for a Successful Nation, London, 21/02/2018
> Bin Music — P R I L I C, Bristol, 8-16/12/2017
> Clifton Suspension Bridge Harp (launch event) — BBC Digital Week, Bristol, 20/10/2017
> Nebbia — Red Desert, Silent Spring, The Glasgow School of Art, 22/02/2017

Conferences and presentations

> Music for the Arts Tower (presentation), WRoCAH Colloquium, Sheffield 14 June 2023.
> Music and/as Process: Music and Interdisciplinary Practice, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham 16-17 September 2022.
> Xenakis 22 Centenary International Symposium, Athens and Nafplio (Greece) 24-29 May 2022
> BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2022 — Plymouth, 6-8/01/22
> PGR Symposium 2021 — Department of Landscape Architecture, The University of Sheffield, 22-23/04/21

> Urban Sound Symposium 2021 (academic poster) — 19-21/04/21
> Sinfonidria (press conference) — Forlì (IT), 26/05/2017
> Pervasive Media Studio ‘Lunch Time Talk’ on Sinfonidria — Bristol, 06/01/2017


> Prati, L. (2023). The Well. In V. Fibisan, C. Fisher, A. Lehóczky, A. Moore, R. Van der Voet (Eds.), Route 57: Dweling, Issue 19. Sheffield. https://routefiftyseven.wordpress.com/lorenzo-prati-the-well/
> Prati, L. (2022). The Situationist Polytope. In A. Andreopoulou, D. Exarchos, E. Kiourtsoglou, & I. Steinhauer (Eds.), Centenary International Symposium XENAKIS 22: Lectures Workshops Concerts  (pp. 255). Spyridon Kostarakis. https://xenakis2022.uoa.gr/proceedings/
> Prati, L. (2021). “Melting Buildings: Three Approaches to Sonifying the Arts Tower Illumination”, in Abstracts of the Second Urban Sound Symposium. Proceedings 2021, 72, 4, p.10-11. https://doi.org/10.3390/proceedings2021072004.
> Prati, L. (2021). Lorenzo Prati – Melting Buildings. Sonic Scope: New Approaches to Audiovisual Culture. https://doi.org/10.21428/66f840a4.ba69881c


> PhD at The University of Sheffield, Department of Music, (October 2020 – current). Supervised by Prof. Dorothy Ker, Dr. David Buck and Prof. Adrian Moore.
> MA Sonic Art, The University of Sheffield, (2017-2019).
> BA (Hons) Music, Dartington College of Arts – Falmouth University, (2008-2011).


> WRoCAH AHRC Competition Studentship (October 2020 – January 2024)
> University of Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarship (2017-2019)
> Julian Payne Music Scholarship (2017-2018)
> Falmouth-Yamaha Jazz Summer School Bursary (2012 & 2016)