Night Shift


Jan – June 2019

This data sonification project works by analysing video footage of the North-West façade of Sheffield Arts Tower, mining illumination and brightness data of each window and using this information to control a generative soundscape based on the manipulation of field recordings of the Paternoster lift and lobbies.

The aim of this piece was not to provide the listener with a factual representation of how many and which windows of the Arts Tower are lit at a particular moment in time. Instead, it was to design a generative system that creates a soundscape which resonates with the looming figure of the Arts Tower at night. This was achieved through what John Luther Adams describes as a ‘process of mapping, listening and re-mapping [which] continued until I felt a particular sound had “the ring of truth”’ (2009, p. 113).

The installation was exhibited on the 16th floor of the Arts Tower as part of University of Sheffield’s School of Architecture end of year show on the 14th June 2019.